Senior DevOps Engineer with Refurbed

Vienna / Remote

€42K - 80K a year

We are looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to help us build, improve and scale our platform and data processing systems.

Your role

  • Build and set up new infrastructure
  • Server administration and maintenance tasks to keep all of our environments up and running
  • Identify and analyse performance bottlenecks and problems in our systems
  • Work on improving our development and release processes
  • Design and manage monitoring and alerting systems
  • Design, build, integrate and manage automated test environments
  • Provide support to our development teams

Your profile

  • Deep knowledge of GNU/Linux and UNIX-based operating systems in general
  • Significant experience with Kubernetes
  • Very good network and system debugging skills (packet level analysis, application debugging and tracing)
  • Experience with performance analysis and tuning
  • Good command of automation or CI/CD systems (preferably GitLab CI)
  • You are familiar with high-availability technologies (load balancing, clustering, replication)
  • You are experienced with software development
  • You have a formal education in computer science
  • You work independently and are goal-oriented
  • You have excellent English skills
  • You are located in one of the European time zones

Additional factors

  • Experience with cloud providers (e.g. GCP, AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean)
  • Knowledge of IaaS (e.g. Terraform, Helm)
  • Good command of monitoring and alerting systems (e.g. Prometheus)
  • Knowledge of PostgreSQL database administration
  • Familiarity with the Go programming language
  • Activity in the open-source community

For legal matters, we have to state that the minimum wage for this position is 42,000 € gross per year. However, depending on your qualification a higher salary is obviously very likely.

Application process

Our process is usually a preliminary interview with the people team, a take home coding task, followed by a technical interview. We appreciate that your time is valuable, so we aim to keep the process relevant and transparent.

First up we will go through your application, including looking through any public profiles/resources you choose to share with us (Github, Stackoverflow, etc.)

If the application looks good, you will be invited to a preliminary interview with a member of the people team. They will describe our company culture, structure and goals along with getting an idea of what you are looking for and how you will contribute.

The next step is a take home coding task (for particular positions this step may be an online test). This is designed to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your engineering and problem solving ability. It will be a small task similar to something you would be expected to complete in your normal day to day work at refurbed. The reviewers will be looking for well prepared and complete solutions, so take your time, explain your work and ask any questions that you feel are relevant to solving the problem.

Following on from a successful completion of the coding task you will be invited to a technical interview with one or more of the engineers from the teams the position is for. The coding problem will be part of the discussion, along with broader technical and architectural questions. This is also an opportunity for you to get an idea of the internal technical and work environment, so please feel free to dig a bit deeper with any questions you may have.

If everything has gone well at this point, then we will make you an offer to join us here at refurbed! Once that is settled the people team will let you know about any remaining administrative details and our onboarding process.

Your application

Things we want to see from you:

  • Your CV
  • Your expected salary
  • If the position requires programming skills: Your Github/GitLab profile or open source projects you contributed to
  • Other representative examples of your work that are relevant to the position
  • If you are active in communities like StackOverflow, please let us know as well