Senior Backend Developer with MicroSec


$72K - 96K a year

Successful applicants will be responsible for further developing MicroSec's IoT cyber-security products. They will follow agile scrum methodologies to establish needs from Product Owners, and help with the self-organization of their development team, guiding junior team members. There will be a broad range of problems to solve, such as data visualization, cryptographic implementations, IoT communication and machine learning.


  • 7 years of experience in Python and relevant frameworks such as Django and Flask
  • At least 5 years of experience in development for Linux-based platforms
  • Previous work experience on IoT or industrial automation solutions
  • A proactive, team-based worker, who contributes to success through a significant collaborative effort
  • DevSecOps experience for secure continuous integration and deployment
  • Demonstrable knowledge of at-scale, reliable container-based deployments (Docker, Kubernetes, etc)
  • Experience with databases of different types, such as SQL, time-series and key-value stores
  • A broad portfolio of algorithms, languages and paradigms, demonstrating an ability to learn and integrate with new technologies or concepts quickly
  • Experience in implementing REST APIs, with specifications written in OpenAPI / Swagger or Postman
  • Working knowledge of OpenSSL, TLS configurations and Public Key Infrastructure
  • Strong understanding of security measures such as 2FA/MFA, access tokens and signatures
  • A history of working within an agile environment, either Scrum or similar, with a focus on responsible, customer-focused delivery
  • Ability to clearly document work, through well-defined specifications, code comments, user- and developer-guides



  • Go
  • C/C++
  • Javascript

Markup languages

  • Markdown
  • Mermaid
  • HTML5


  • VueJS
  • Angular
  • Grafana


  • TCP/IP stack
  • MQTT or other message brokers
  • IoT communication protocols such as BLE, LoRa and ZigBee


  • Scrum master
  • Unit testing and integration testing
  • UX design or enhancement
  • Interacting with Cryptokey or HSM
  • Debugging of code and system-level issues from micro-service to whole-cloud

We offer an industry competitive salary commensurate with experience and Employee Stock Options.

Interested candidates may send their resume to [email protected] or [email protected].


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