Senior AWS Engineer with DevOps Group

Remote (UK only)

£50K - 75K a year

We're an award winning consultancy with an awesome team of individuals - working together to help clients on their digital transformation journey.

If team work inspires you and you're driven to make a real difference to both people and organisations, we're always on the lookout for brilliant new team members - Can you add your very own chapter to the DevOpsGroup story?

What You'll Do...

As a team, we are crafting the future legacy of DevOpsGroup and we are looking for more super talented individuals to add their mark. As the team continues to grow, we are looking to meet experienced Senior AWS Engineers to discuss how your future could look with us at DevOpsGroup.

You'll be working with a variety of technologies and tools such as AWS, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, EKS, Jenkins, Cloudformation or Terraform (just to name a few!)

Here's how your first month will look…

  • Our People Team have provided you with everything you need to know during your onboarding
  • You are now using the laptop, kit and setup of your choice
  • You'll dive straight into your team stand-ups
  • We'll introduce you to our OKR's and possibly assigned some of your own
  • You'll be using some of the many features AWS Sandbox has to offer
  • You've learnt a tech stack you are not familiar with
  • You've attended your first DevOpsGroup Conference
  • As a new starter, the access to our knowledge base and support systems is coming in real handy
  • Any queries or concerns? These have been addressed and you're more than ready for your DevOpsGroup future

By month three…

  • You've continued pairing with others and work independently on areas you are more familiar with
  • As you have full access to our DevOpsGroup Academy, you've probably completed some further certifications, such as the Agile and DevOps foundation
  • You've been involved in implementing client infrastructure
  • You are starting to deliver some exciting work for our clients
  • Perhaps you've got a thing or two wrong along the way, failure is an option at DevOpsGroup and is something we are always learning from
  • You may have planned how you'll be spending your yearly training budget
  • You are now familiar with every member of the DevOpsGroup family
  • The opportunity to influence architecture has come about once or twice
  • You are familiar with a client's tech stack
  • Perhaps you are regularly attending client stand-ups

A full year with DevOpsGroup…

  • You've added significant value to our client experience
  • You've assisted on several successful cloud migrations
  • Whether it's stage or screen, the platform is yours and you may be reflecting back on some epic uses of it
  • Through our academy, you are helping to champion the next generation of talent
  • You continue to be in awe of the rate of change within AWS as your knowledge of this platform continues to grow even further
  • You know what is required of you to achieve the next grade in your career here

We're looking for people who…

  • Have no fear of change
  • Have deep DevOps domain knowledge
  • Stay focused while adapting fast
  • Are open to occasional travel (post pandemic) but can also work remotely
  • Innovate and make extraordinary things happen
  • Stay awesome while under pressure
  • Grow when faced with challenges

The experience you'll need…

  • Deep technical understanding of AWS with validated experience working on build and migration projects
  • Experience working with a range of automation tools for managing cloud infrastructure, such as Puppet, Ansible or Chef
  • Strong knowledge of Terraform or Cloudformation
  • Experience building CI/CD pipelines (e.g Jenkins)
  • You will be familiar with Kubernetes/EKS and this is an area of keen interest for you
  • You can work in Scrum and Kanban, agile methodologies
  • A strong dedication to delivering client success
  • Hopefully you will already have some awesome AWS Certifications under your belt, bonus points for the Solution Architect or DevOps Pro Certs.