DevOps Engineer with Amun

Zurich and remote (GMT+2 to GMT-5)

US$90K - 110K a year

Amun is a leading cryptocurrency issuer which aims to make purchasing crypto more accessible, and efficient.

Under its 21Shares brand, Amun is the world's largest issuer of crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs). The 21Shares suite of ETPs has simplified access to crypto for both institutional and retail investors in the traditional finance community. In a similar fashion, Amun aims to provide tokens that will make it easy for the crypto community to access sophisticated strategies that are not otherwise readily available in this space. Amun is a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and financial product developers who are uniquely placed to revolutionize cryptocurrency investing through the issuance of our broad range of tokens. Our goal is to make these tokens present a new paradigm in cryptocurrency investing and to facilitate their use.

Our Stack:

  • AWS infrastructure
  • Grafana
  • Postgresql
  • Node backend (Typescript, feathersjs)
  • Vue (Nuxt) frontend
  • Python and Rust in the mix as well

Job Summary

Maintain, guide and develop continuous integration practices in the organisation by creating pipelines, automating build and release processes and working to standardise those processes across our application suite. Aid in the technical design and delivery of new systems with regard to continuous integration, automated testing and effective monitoring.

Key Accountabilities and Scope

  • Architect infrastructure and deploy production systems
  • Implement and maintain CI/CD pipelines to support teams during development and release cycles
  • Build tooling to reduce the overhead of deployment and monitoring
  • Produce and update documentation of standards and procedures
  • Provide on-demand support as needed
  • Prepare disaster recovery and incident response plan for production deployments
  • Implement best practices and cost optimization strategies
  • Communicates with wider team to solve and diagnose problems, to design technical solutions and discuss technology choices
  • Collaborates in a multi-skilled agile team to estimate, plan, deliver and test prioritised features
  • Mentors and guides fellow engineers in technical skills and the application of DevOps practices and development methodologies
  • Investigate, diagnose and fix problems in existing systems using creative thought processes

Skills Required

  • High comfort in working with Linux environment and typical sysadmin tools
  • Good understanding of concepts like CI/CD, configuration management, cloud platforms, version control, automation, monitoring, analytics, containerization, and microservices architecture
  • Strong experience and understanding of using Agile methodologies to plan, develop, test and deliver software through the value stream. Ability to mentor others in its use.
  • excellent organisational and time management skills, and the ability to work on multiple projects at the same time
  • Familiarity with orchestration systems and containerisation, e.g. Kubernetes, Docker
  • Knowledgeable in communication protocols and the OSI model
  • Excellent team working and communication skills
  • Skilled in communicating across the organisation to communicate technical solutions and resolve technical problems
  • Data security is your middle name
  • Experience investigating and diagnosing problems with large-scale IT systems
  • Degree in Engineering or Computer Science - preferred
  • Capable of writing E2E and integration tests - preferred