Software Developer with HYLL

Stettlen, Switzerland

CHF 90K - 120K a year

We are a highly motivated group of professionals who are extremely passionate about connecting people with adventures, starting with the natural beauty in and around our headquarters in Bern. We are looking to fill this role into the long term, and handsomely reward folks who stick with us.


  • You know the app:
  • You have experience writing, testing, talking about, delivering, and standing behind clean Python code.
  • You know the Django framework inside and out.
  • You have set up and maintained a Kubernetes cluster.
  • You can communicate clearly in English.


  • Your role will be working on the HYLL backend – the business logic, the data storage, the connections with the various APIs.
  • You will work together closely with both our frontend and data teams, to ensure that the data they send and receive is clean and well-structured.
  • You will also ensure that the environment where the code runs – GCP with Kubernetes – keeps everything running smoothly.