Senior Software Engineer with Aicadium


$84K - 192K a year

AIcadium is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to come and join talented software and platform engineers and data scientists, to build the next generation of AI-based solutions for Web and edge devices. The lead software engineering role accepts people with at least 5 years of relevant experience, with the foundation knowledge of pragmatic software development and an emphasis on backend development and cloud deployment. These systems should interact and provide AI-based solutions to both Web and edge devices. Knowledge of data lake platforms such as Hadoop, Snowflake, and/or Dremio is a plus. The successful candidate must have excellent time-management skills, and practices of effective communication style and is eager to learn, share; and apply the best practices during his/her day-to-day work to produce a reliable, secure, scalable, and testable codebase.

Our Technical Stack:

  • Back-end: Python.
  • Front-end: JavaScript/TypeScript (React).
  • Deployment Environments: AWS / GCP.


These are the areas of expertise we are looking for, if you meet these qualifications, it will put you at the top of our candidate list.

  • Bachelor's in computer science (or equivalent work experience). Having an M.Sc. or Ph.D. is a plus.
  • Experience producing scalable and testable clean code in Python.
  • Daily user of Git, and Docker, and a good understanding of CI/CD pipelines. Experience in using the Terraform is a plus.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
  • Great attention to detail.
  • Experience in creating analytical engines/solutions that interact with several types of data lakes is a plus.
  • Experience in creating cloud-based solutions that run on Kubernetes.
  • Experience with deploying and integrating machine learning models is a plus.

About Us

Aicadium is a global technology company striving to provide AI solutions across multiple industries, by leveraging a common machine learning platform to deliver AI as a Service.


Join a growing team of data scientists, machine learning, and software engineers in an agile development environment. Work together with some of the best in the field to tackle challenging projects and operationalize the solutions you develop across a variety of industries and use cases.


We work in a casual and collaborative startup environment. Every member of the team plays a key role in shaping the solutions we develop and creating positive business value for the companies we work with.