Senior Site Reliability Engineer with Juni

Remote (Worldwide)

€92K - 140K a year

We're Juni. The fastest-growing fintech in Europe. We're born remote, built for remote, and busy building the future of financial services for ecommerce entrepreneurs. And we love open source software and their communities! That's why we're a proud member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

What we do 🤔

Think of us as the financial companion for ecommerce entrepreneurs. We build products that help our customers sell smarter and understand their business better. We even finance their working capital so they can smash their goals and dream up new ones.

If you are curious about upcoming features and what you will help build, check out our public roadmap

How & why we do it 🚀

We give our people the same thing we're building for our customers: freedom. Freedom to work wherever there's good WiFi. Freedom to be 100% yourself. Freedom to explore your potential and what's more – make the most of it. We truly believe we're making the world a better place for small businesses, and we want you to be a part of that mission.

Your role 🙋

In the SRE team, our vision is to set product teams free so they can focus on what they are best at: build and run our awesome product features. Our self-service platforms and shared code libraries help them solve common problems and achieve best practice with minimal effort.

  • Micro-service architecture and reliability engineering in Go
  • Continuous integration and deployment with GitLab and Kubernetes
  • AWS Cloud codified through Terraform
  • Observability through metrics and tracing with Datadog
  • Help us invent the self-service platform of the future and a product that scales

Your qualifications 👨‍🎓

What we need to see:

  • Experience with automated management of platform infrastructure
  • Experience with event-driven architecture and distributed systems
  • Experience with measuring and optimizing system performance
  • Experience with microservices and/or functions-as-a-service architecture (FaaS)

What we'd love to see:

  • Strong knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS), in particular roles and permissions in IAM, MSK/Kafka, RDS/PostgreSQL, S3, CloudFront, VPC, EKS/Kubernetes
  • Experience with service meshes such as Linkerd, load balancing/proxies on software layer such as Traefik
  • Infrastructure as code, such as Terraform
  • Continuous integration pipelines, such as GitLab CI, and Continues Delivery
  • SLAs, Observability and incident response platforms, such as Datadog and PagerDuty
  • SQL compliant databases, such as Aurora/MySQL/PostgreSQL in managed database services, such as Amazon RDS
  • Backend coding and engineering experience in any moderne language

Your tool stack 💻

Tech stack

  • Docker, Kubernetes & Helm
  • Traefik & Linkerd
  • Terraform
  • Datadog
  • GitLab CI
  • Postgres
  • Kafka (MSK)

Your people 👥

Forget office-based culture. This is people-first culture. We're real. We never wait. We care deeply. About building better for our customers and each other. About doing something that's never been done before. Here, you can work with people at the top of their game, who didn't get there by playing games. You can help us change business, change banking, change the world – wherever in the world you may be.

Your benefits 😍

We're born remote-first. Transparent. Caring. Empowering. So our benefits are too.

The good stuff:

  • Hello work. Meet freedom. Join us anywhere within 6 hours of Sweden.
  • Swap 2D for 3D. Meet the team IRL at fun onsites every quarter.
  • Work with the best people for the job. Not the best people within 1 hour's commute.
  • Diversity is at our core. We're part Swedish. Part British. Part French. Part Italian. Part Hungarian. Part Canadian. Part Spanish. You get the idea.
  • Great players can stay great players. Progress your career whether you choose to manage people or not.
  • Get support to switch things up. People change. Careers can too.

The really good stuff:

  • Happiness stipend. The best things in life are free. But money can buy you a herd of puppies. Get €8,500 per year to spend on whatever makes you happy.
  • Work al desko. Get €500 a month towards a co-working space.
  • Stock options. We can't promise you'll make a fortune. But we'll give it our very best shot.
  • Vacation days. At least 30 per year as standard. Awesome.
  • Global health insurance. You know. Just in case.
  • Get sick? No stress. Feel better with unlimited sick leave.

Free your nine to five 🤘

Hit apply and help us revolutionise financial services for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

The process 📅

CV screening > Get to know us call > Team interview(s) > Values interview > Offer (for some roles we'll include a task, but we'll notify you if this is the case)

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