QA Engineer with Humanitec

Remote (UTC-1 to UTC+3)

55000 to 70000 EUR a year

We're building the next generation of dev tools to support teams in building and running apps on Kubernetes. This is a new category of tooling called “Internal Developer Platforms”. Pioneered for some time in companies such as Spotify, Github, Airbnb, and others we are providing the fastest way for teams to build their own Internal Developer Platforms. Internal Developer Platforms provide a developer experience as simple as Heroku but on top of the tech and tools the team uses already. They allow ops teams to stay in control while enabling developers to self-serve the tech they need. Do you want to spin up an environment to do some quick testing? No problem! Need to clone Production to troubleshoot an issue without risking more problems? Easy! Need to stand up a new database for your service but ops is busy? Piece of cake! We have our first version out the door and have happy customers using the product in production.

The team

The majority of our company are engineers. Our management team is made up of Ex-Google, Ex-McKinsey, and serial entrepreneurs. We're backed by experts in the DevOps space such as Sohaib Abbasi (Oracle, Redhat, New Relic) and Mirko Novakovic (Instana, recently acquired by IBM).

We're looking for people who could land a job at the likes of Google, Amazon, or Microsoft - but prefer the excitement, challenge, and daring of being part of a disruptive startup. We focus on your talents and personality - your background, origin, or gender will never make a difference to us.

Whom are we looking for?

We are looking to hire a remote QA/Test Engineer to work as part of our core engineering team to design, develop and build high-quality software for our users. You should have experience working on distributed systems and should be obsessed with quality with a proven record of working effectively across functional organizations. Experience in DevOps tools and automated testing is a plus. Test frameworks in use: Robot Framework, Selenium, Playwright. Everything is on Kubernetes. We pay top 5% in the market, stocks are part of the package. Work is fully remote and we work exclusively with senior engineers in small, lean, and self-organized teams. We currently prefer time zones UTC-1 to UTC+3.

What are the main responsibilities of the role?

  • Contribute to the shaping and constant improvement of our automated testing strategy.
  • Coordinate and manage testing efforts to ensure the delivery of quality features.
  • Own the team's mindset of the software quality throughout the development cycle and keep coaching to improve – contribute to requirements and planning, pair with engineers for reviewing changes, and collaboratively analyze as well as ship it to our users.
  • Actively share your experience and knowledge to mentor others in our QA team and communicate your technical knowledge effectively.
  • Work and communicate in our collaborative environment. Give and receive feedback to build trust, transparency, and elevate your peers.

Are you a fit?

  • 3+ years of experience testing and/or delivering high-quality enterprise software products operating in agile environments.
  • Hands-on programming experience in languages like Python, Javascript, and Bash.
  • Experience testing distributed systems like microservices in containerized environments.
  • Experience in Frontend and Backend testing with the latest tools and industry best practices - Front-end web application test automation (e.g. Selenium WebDriver, Playwright) and REST API testing frameworks.
  • Experience with Load Testing (e.g. using and Security Testing (e.g. using OWASP ZAP) - familiar with the OWASP top ten web application security risks.
  • In-depth knowledge of QA concepts, test frameworks and automation tools.
  • Experience with creating and configuring CI/CD pipelines.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, analytical skills, attention to detail, and curiosity.
  • Solid knowledge of Docker and working experience with Kubernetes is a plus.
  • Work remote in a timezone UTC-1 to UTC+3 (Berlin time +/- 2 hours).