Junior Server Engineer with Redfin


$36K - 72K a year

Talent is the core competitiveness of Redfin. We respect each employee, listen to the voice of employees, and strive to connect employees' interests with their work.

At Redfin, we provide an environment for employees to develop their expertise and provide a multi-dimensional learning platform for employees so they can progress and develop with the company.

Job Highlights

  • Medical and Dental Benefits
  • Annual Wage Supplement
  • Friendly Work Environment

Job Description

  • Participate in the planning and design of the back-end support system architecture of the company's strategic products.
  • Participate in the function development, testing, deployment and upgrade of core modules.
  • Provide support for project progress and product quality.
  • Provide support to solve user problems and meet customer needs.
  • Participate in forward-looking technical research and program implementation.

Job Requirements

  • Understand Go development experience and distributed system design.
  • Understand Go language programming, and know the high-performance and high-availability programs.
  • Understand network programming under Linux/Unix.
  • Understand HTTP/TCP and other network protocols.
  • Understand MySQL, Redis, and message middleware.
  • Understand the microservice architecture and container technology (Docker,Kubernetes).
  • Bonus points for C/C++, PHP, and java project experience.
  • Practical experience in back-end architecture and performance optimization of large-scale websites is preferred.
  • Fast learning ability is preferred.