Infrastructure Engineer with Zeet

Remote (US)

$100K - 180K a year

Zeet operates your cloud account, giving you the best setup so you can focus on shipping product.

πŸ‘‚ About the Role

On the typical DevOps/SRE team, >90% of your time is maintenance, support, and optimization. Innovation only happens in the precious few free cycles. This role is 100% innovation.

You will be in charge of inventing and implementing advanced DevOps features into the Zeet platform. Apply the principles you hear about at the best DevOps companies, and bring them to startups everywhere.

You will work closely with our CTO and other engineers on the team. Every feature you ship will trigger massive productivity unlocks for our customers, and bring the coolest DevOps concepts to more people!

⛏️Projects you might work on:

  • Automatic Canary environments for complete environment rollback testing
  • Scalable networking infrastructure design and automation, compatible across multiple availability zones, regions and even clouds
  • Advanced build dependency resolution and optimization
  • Create new abstractions for common cloud workloads (Managed DBs, managed Kafka, anything that cloud providers manage today)
  • Implement new CRDs and controllers for custom K8s resources

πŸŽ“ Within 3 months, you'll:

  • Learn about Zeet and deeply understand the software deployment landscape
  • Design and implement abstract solutions to challenging technical conditions
  • Talk to customers, and see the impact you're making every day

πŸ‘€ We are looking for someone who:

  • Has a deep understanding of the Kubernetes engine
  • Enjoys thinking about large abstract systems
  • Has experience building developer platforms

🀯 Bonus Points:

  • Early-stage tech startup experience
  • Experience with analytics tooling such as SQL, ELK, Grafana, Prometheus, Google Analytics
  • Understand DevOps/SRE process and pain points
  • Experience with Kubernetes concept like CSI, CNI, CRD and AdmissionController
  • Experience with MLOps technologies like Cloud GPU, TPUs, Jupyter, Tensorflow/Pytorch
  • Experience managing big data environment like Spark, Hadoop, Beam, Hive, Flink