DevOps Engineer with Proton


$119K a year is revolutionizing wholesale distribution. Distributors sell nearly every physical good you come across. Key to the economy, they make up over 28% of GDP. But there's a problem. Selling as a distributor is complicated. Distributors carry hundreds of thousands of complicated SKUs, making it impossible for distributors to know what their customers need. Proton cuts through this complexity with AI. We provide a solution that modernizes distributors' sales efforts. And in doing so, we help distributors better serve their customers.

Our company is in hyper growth mode. We've grown >6X YoY. Needless to say, it's an exciting time to join the team.

The Role

As a DevOps Engineer at, you will join the Foundations team to facilitate our fast-moving development cycle and improve upon our existing infrastructure. Implementing and maintaining scalable, cost-optimized systems that successfully provide the base for a great user experience is essential. Our DevOps engineer will be responsible for managing deployments, existing services, and the creation of new services. This role has the potential for growth, having the opportunity to implement creative tooling for infrastructure or workflow automation, defining new policies/procedures, and coming up with interesting ways to optimize our cloud costs or improve monitoring and visibility.

Your Impact

You will help refine where we need to be for DevOps and infrastructure, and assist in managing a plan for how to move towards that vision. You will problem solve infrastructure related issues, and aid in scoping feasibility of new projects or infrastructure changes. Together with the team, you will help create and implement a comprehensive plan for an automated, observable, and scalable development lifecycle and infrastructure strategy.

What you'll do

  • Ensure adherence to policies/procedures in order to maintain stability and reliability of the product by automating or monitoring pieces of our systems and workflows.
  • Maintain the overall health of the product, oversee the provisioning and monitoring of the servers that run our applications
  • Keep systems up-to-date, intervening in smaller scale issues (i.e. investigate why a certain user cannot login), or making quick changes (i.e. add an environment variable to the janus deployment)
  • Collaborate with engineers to improve & maintain development environments, adhere to version control or deployment policy, and ensure new services are up and running.
  • Help troubleshoot and track down application issues.
  • Experiment with new tools or ideas to optimize aspects of our system, such as resource utilization and container build time.
  • Create and manage the CI pipelines enabling the rapid development and testing of features, including container builds, testing structures, and deployment strategies; ensuring we release high-quality updates through automated checks and tests.

You'll be a great fit for this role if you have

  • Working knowledge of containerized, microservice architectures and best practices (i.e. Kubernetes, the backbone of a majority of our systems).
  • Experience using and managing infrastructure on a major cloud platform (GCP, AWS, etc.) - we run on Google Cloud.
  • Knowledge of linux environments and relevant languages (i.e. Bash) in order to manage, setup, and automate aspects of our services.
  • The ability to contribute to or troubleshoot our codebase and backend, a majority of which is written in Python.
  • An understanding of CI/CD and git workflows, along with other development best practices you will help create and enforce.
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code, automation, or Kubernetes management tools (i.e. Ansible, Terraform, Helm, or similar) to create the systems that ensure visibility and reliability of our infrastructure.


This is a full-time remote position: Salary: $119k, plus equity, health benefits (we pay 99%), 401k and a generous vacation policy.

Our Hiring Process

At, we assess candidates using an unbiased and thoughtful process. We ask questions directly related to the work you will be doing. Resumes are optional. They are not the focus of our selection process.

We know the confidence gap can get in the way of great candidates putting their hats in the ring. So please don't hesitate to apply — we'd love to hear from you. Candidates enjoy our application process! They tell us that the questions we ask make sense, plus they get to showcase their abilities. And we provide feedback!