DevOps Engineer with Foursquare

Remote (United States)

$140K - 170K a year

Foursquare is the leading independent location technology and data cloud platform, powered by dedicated to building meaningful bridges between digital spaces and physical places. Our proprietary technology unlocks the most accurate, trustworthy location data in the world, empowering businesses to answer key questions, uncover hidden insights, improve customer experiences, and achieve better business outcomes. A pioneer of the geo-location space, Foursquare's location tech stack is being utilized by the world's largest enterprises and most recognizable brands.

Foursquare's flexible building blocks include technology to maximize marketing impact and drive incremental real-world engagement (Attribution, Audience, Proximity, SDK); data to deeply understand points of interest and real-world behavior patterns (Places and Visits), and tools to conduct advanced analysis, data enrichment, unification and visualization (Unfolded Studio).


  • Design architecture for cloud based application, and design deployment management for cloud environments (GCP/AWS/Azure)
  • Design and implement private cloud and on-premesis software delivery solutions.
  • Implement infrastructure best practices around observability, logging, metrics, resource allocation, service meshes, operations, and disaster recovery.
  • Design and implement authentication and Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems.


  • Well versed in cloud deployment technologies including with Kubernetes, containers and Docker, and Helm.
  • Experience with infrastructure as code systems like Terraform.
  • Experience with managed Kubernetes service offerings.
  • Experience with designing and delivering on-premises software solutions.